Guide to the world of Tantra



Tantric techniques


This a practical guide to the tantric techniques. Tantra has a lot of useful techniques for deeper and better lovemaking. Beliefs and rituals are not necessary in tantric practice. Tantra is about inner experience. All these methods can be freely used in your own way, for your own purposes.

Ordinary sex aims always to the orgasm, to the release of energy. It will bring you a moment of enjoyment and feeling of release. Tension is released, and desire is satisfied for a moment. On other hand, we are also tired and have lost our vitality and interest to lovemaking for a while. Tantra uses lovemaking totally different way.

Tantric practice means making love for a much longer and deeper. You will immerse yourself into this moment, into the loving embrace, and forget the end. Tantric lovemaking can last hours. We can experience ecstasy of loving as long as we like. Tantric lovemaking will take you ever deeper into love, into the union with other person. Tantra will create connection between hearts and souls.

Tantric lovemaking will keep energy yourself, and makes it circulate between lovers. When lovemaking goes on long enough, and when deep connection is created, then nature of lovemaking changes. When tension grows strong enough, energy will start flow between you in a circle. That flow will grow stronger. Then your lovemaking will become pure bliss. You will melt together with your partner. You will experience real oneness, the most deepest experience of love.


Multiple male orgasms
Creating connection
Circle of energy
Tantric massage
Practical advices


Multiple male orgasms

Experience multiple orgasms

The first method is about ejaculation of men. Tantric lovemaking is meant to last long, because finding deeper connection will take time. Women can get multiple orgasms, and easily continue making love. But when man ejaculates, his desire as well as lovemaking, will usually end too.

Solution for this is found in multiple male orgasms. Man, too, can get many orgasms, and still continue lovemaking. This is useful skill, and it will make even normal sexual life better for both partners. It is also a skill that can be learned by practice.

Experience of orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things. Other one can exist without other. Man can experience ejaculation without orgasm. Another way, however, is a base for this technique. Man can also experience orgasm without ejaculation. You can learn the art of separating these two, and gain ability to experience orgasm without ejaculation. Man is able to experience many orgasms like this without losing his desire.


Learn your limits

The first practice is to learn to recognize the moment of orgasm. Recognize that exact moment, when excitement is going over the limit and orgasm is coming. You can use masturbation for this. Take yourself to your limit. Be prepared, and learn to recognize that moment when you cannot continue stimulation without going over your limit. Take yourself to your limit several times, always stopping stimulation for a while, and letting yourself recover. Know and be aware of your limit, after which ejaculation happens.

Find your muscles

Second practice is to learn to recognize those muscles that control ejaculation. When you next time go into the toilet, try to stop peeing for a moment. Become aware of those muscles that allow you to do this. Feel those muscles when you ejaculate next time. These muscles throb at the moment of orgasm, and send semen on its way.

Learn to recognize those muscles, and practice until you can control them consciously whenever you want to. When you can consciously use those muscles, you can learn to control your orgasm with them.

Use right timing

Third practice is to learn to control those muscles at exactly right moment. Object is to experience the orgasm, but with help of these muscles prevent ejaculation. Take yourself to your limit, and allow yourself go over it. Stop stimulation, and feel when those muscles are starting to pulse and throb. Constrict movements of these muscles, and use them exactly at same moment, at same rhythm. When you can time it to exact moment, you can prevent semen from leaving, and stop your ejaculation completely. You will still get your orgasm. Soon you will be ready to get another one. And yet another…


Notice: Man needs to ejaculate now and then. It will release tension in prostate. You can help this by massaging your stomach about palm length down from your navel.



Creating connection

Create deeper connection

Connection to another person can be created consciously. We can create a bridge between hearts. We can find a deeper union, where our hearts will beat at same rhythm, and where will breathe as one, and our bodies will move at same pace. You can find union of body, heart, and whole being.

This practice is done best by sitting on each others laps. Bigger partner will sit comfortable on something soft and supporting, and lighter one sits on other ones lap, so that their eyes will meet. Find position that is comfortable for you, and where you can stay for longer time. Bath might be also a good place, because water will support you from the all sides.

Connection of eyes

Our eyes are mirrors of our souls. When we look deeply into our lovers eyes, we look directly into soul of our lovers. Look into the each others eyes gently and lovingly. It can be easier to concentrate just on the other eye, usually to the left one. Relax, and keep watching lovingly into the each others eyes. This is connection of souls.

Connection of hearts

Put your left hand to the middle of your lover’s chest. This is the center of heart. Other one will set hand on your heart center, and both of you will put your right hand over your lovers left hand. This way you have now connected your hearts through your hands. Feel heartbeat of each other. This is connection of hearts.

Connection of breathing

Breathe at same rhythm. Set your breathing to same pace. One who breathes slower will set breathing to the same rhythm as faster one. Find your rhythm together. Breathing is rhythm of bodies. When you find same pace of breathing, then your bodies also will move at same pace. This is connection of bodies.


Creating connection will take some time. Relax in each others laps. Open your hearts, and trust to each other. Give and receive your hearts. Let the true connection be born between you.



Circle of energy

Energy will move as circle between you

Energy will always attempt to flow on. Energy itself is a movement, a flow. When we make love, we gather energy of desire, a sexual energy. It will grow and grow, until it reaches a peak, and at that moment, all that energy will burst out all at once. That release of energy is an orgasm, and it will give us a momentarily pleasant experience.

However, that feeling will last only a moment. It will disappear almost immediately, leaving us empty and tired. We lost our energy, and we received only very small moment of pleasure of it. But Tantra will make that feeling last much longer. We can experience bliss during our whole long lovemaking. And when our lovemaking finally ends, we will notice that we have only increased our energy. Tantric lovemaking will make our energy grow in strength.

This can be done by the circulation of energy. All that energy will not be released in tantric lovemaking. It will be held in the lovemaking, and set to circulate between lovers. Energy will flow from one partner to another, and grow only stronger from it. After tantric lovemaking we will feel energized and revitalized. Our vitality, our sexual energy, has then grown and refreshed.

Lovemaking will wake up our energies. Sexual energy will begin to flow in our bodies. It will create tension, and than tension will grow as long as lovemaking will last. We can feel it as tension that wants to be released in us. Normal orgasm is just release of that energy all at once. Feel your energy, your energy, and direct it into another person.

Direct that charge of energy into other one like current of electricity. Let it flow through your hands and your touch, and your genitals. All parts of your body that touch other body will give that energy. Be active, be source of energy. Your attention will direct that energy, your presence in every your every touch will connect it into other one. Direct that flow of energy, and give it all to your partner. Let it all flow out of you, and into other one.

When your energy will reach its peak, and you will release approaching, then it is time to shift direction. Now you are receiver, and accept energy from your partner. Now your partner is active, and will give you energy and power. Feel all that energy flowing into you. Be receiver, surrender to the control of your companion, and let all of it flow into you. Open yourself to it, and let all of it into you.

This way energy will start circle in you. Energy will always attempt to move and flow, and when it will not find release from ordinary means, it will find a new channel. It will flow from body to body, and gain in power and strength. It will begin to flow up towards the universe. It will shine between you like bridge of light, and it will lift you to incredible heights. It is a bridge that connects you together, and makes you as one. Together you will rise into the heights of ecstasy, and you will stay in there for a long time.



Tantric massage

Heal and mend with loving touch.

Tantric massage is healing massage. Human sexuality is sensitive, and can be wounded by many ways. We will then lose our connection to our bodies and feelings. Tantric massage can heal all traumas and wounds of past. Deeper connection needs sensitivity and trust towards your partner. This massage will help you to gain both.

We can mend our bodies and sexuality with it. We can find again our innocence and trust towards other people. We can find together with our partner closer and more loving relationship. We can learn to touch gently and carefully, and how to relax and accept touch of our partner.

Make harmonious and safe place for it, and set illumination dimmer. Receiver will rest on bed in comfortable position and supported by billows. Giver will take position between receiver’s legs. Find a position that will be comfortable for both, and makes relaxation possible.

Giver will massage gently and lovingly. Touch the skin lightly caressing and loving. Pour all your love into your hands, and let it flow though your fingers into your partner. Caress your partner’s body until it is relaxed, and other one is ready to receive your love. Move to genitals, and touch them lightly and gently. Touch them with the loving touch, and touch every part.

Loving touch can heal wounds of heart. Touch of another person can heal and mend by itself. Be aware of your hands, and feel skin under your fingers. Caress gently and lovingly. Move slowly and calmly, and touch like you would have all time in the word. Be gentle and touch consciously and sensitively.

Receiver will relax and accept all that love. Be aware of that loving touch. Let yourself feel and experience everything that flows out of your heart. Let your emotions flow freely, and experience them when they appear. Accept your all feeling as they are. Let yourself become exited, and enjoy that touch. Feel loving touch on your skin. Let it heal and mend you.

Object of this massage is not an orgasm, but healing. When receiver will come closer to orgasm and begin to feel tension, giver can rest hands on the skin, and wait until receiver is relaxed again. Another useful point of this practice is to learn to relax when you feel need for release. You can learn to enjoy excitement and touching for itself.



Practical advices

Tantra needs both time and place for it. You need to arrange time for it, as well as place where you will not be disturbed. If you have a family, then hotel room for a day or two might be a good solution.

Room can be decorated with the candles, flowers and scents. You can prepare beautiful and wordless music for the background. Surround yourself with beauty. Tantra is celebration of all senses. Beauty will prepare you for the right mood. Bath full of perfumed oils and surrounded by candles creates romantic and loving atmosphere.

Eat together light fruit meal, which will give you energy. Clean yourself before lovemaking, and wash away all your worries. Massage oils and lotions can help during long lovemaking. Tantra can be practiced even for whole day.

Make love while being totally present in every moment and every touch. Do it lovingly and sensitively. Sit in each others laps, looking into the eyes, breathing same rhythm. Move your bodies at same pace. Deep connection will be born if you wish for it. And when your union is deep and lovemaking lasts long enough, you can experience the true bliss of Tantra.