Guide to the world of Tantra



Tantric ritual

Tantra can be also practiced as a ritual. It can be deep and sacred ritual. It is union of love, oneness of souls. Tantra is meeting of human beings at all possible levels. Bodies, minds and hearts will all melt into together. Two will become one. When we become one with the other, we will at that moment become also one with the all that is. When we to other human being, we will join in into the universe.

Divine in us will join together. Shakti and Shiva, feminine and masculine energy will meet and dance together. They will melt together in deep union, and two opposites will become one. This is the highest union, Unio Mystica.  

Approach other person like manifestation of divinity. Approach other person while being manifestation of divinity yourself. Other partner will take the nature of Shakti, feminine energy, and other one will take nature of Shiva, masculine energy. If partners are of same gender, they can choose their roles in this ritual. Roles can be reversed, because every people include both sides in themselves.

Two opposites will create tension between them. That tension is flow of energy, our living energy. New life will be born in that encounter, when source of feminine and source of masculine energy dance together the dance of love. That encounter happens in the temple of our bodies. In tantric practice, sacred sex is the highest form of worship.

Our bodies are physical manifestations of divine; they are temples of our souls. When our bodies will become one, our souls will also become one. Divine that lives within us all will meet, and unite with all that is in cosmic union. That oneness is the highest form of worship, and the most beautiful prayer. That is sacred unity.

Ritual of reverence
Ritual of touch
Ritual of love
Ritual of union
Dance of Divine



Prepare your temple

All rituals will begin with the preparations. Sacred space is created with the intent, with preparations. We will create our own place of worship, stage of our encounter. We can make this place to the temple in which our encounter will happen. Choose peaceful and safe place for this. Arrange enough time for ritual, and take care that you will not be disturbed or interrupted in any way.

Decorate your temple beautifully. With colors and flowers, candles and fragrances you can create the atmosphere of beauty and sacredness. With flowers and candles you can decorate your altar that can be a bed or a bath. Add some beautiful and wordless music, and light fruit meal. Tantra is celebration of life; it is celebration of all senses.

Prepare your body

Wash and clean your body gently and lovingly. Clean your heart and mind at same time. Wash away all worries and sorrows. Let all thoughts and emotions be washed away with water. Wash away all conceptions and prejudices. Become once again pure and innocent. Become open and receiving.

Dress in light rope or dress that is only for this purpose. Now you are ready to meet your beloved. You are ready to meet divine face to face, being yourself. You are again pure and innocent.


Ritual of reverence

See divine in your partner, and feel it in yourself.

Meet each other openly and lovingly. See divine in each other, and feel it in yourself. Other person is Shakti/Shiva for you, cosmic Feminine/Masculinity. And you will be so to other one. Meet each other devotedly and reverently. This is sacred moment, meeting of divinities. Divine is in everything. It is in our partner, as it is also within us.

See other person as a manifestation of divine. Another person is cosmic Feminity/Masculinity for you. See divine in the eyes and whole being, feel it in the other. Feel it in yourself, for you are other side of this divinity. Experience it in yourself, be manifestation of Feminity/Masculinity.

Revere divinity in each other

Exchange gifts with each other. Give something beautiful, like a flower. You can also give something you have made yourself. Exchange gifts, and show your respect. Greet each other, and recognize true essence of yourselves. You will be cosmic divinity to each other. Greet each other; ‘Divine in me greets divine in you’

Share sacred meal together

Eat sacred meal together. Share a light fruit meal. Sit close to each other, touching gently, and feed each other. Serve each other, and your will serve divinity in yourself. Food is a gift. It is celebration of life. Bless food you eat, for this is Holy Communion of love.


Ritual of touch

Revere divinity with the touch

Use perfumed oil, and worship each other with your touch. Receiver one will lay down on the bed, and giver will touch her lovingly. Giver will massage and caress receiver gently and lovingly, spreading oil on the whole body.

 Give all your love and reverence in your touch, and let it flow through your fingers. Let divine in you touch other one. Shakti/Shiva touches through your hands. Caress other one like you would caress divine itself. Love and worship the divinity with your hands, with your touch.

Receiver will accept that touch. When you receive in turn, relax, and let all tension disappear. Trust the touch of others, feel reverence and love in it. You are now safe and loved by divine. Shakti/Shiva is caressing and touching you now. Let the divine love you.

Change receiver and giver in turn. Both will revere and be revered.


Ritual of love

Worship with love, and awaken the fire

Love each other with your touch. Love with kisses and caresses. Love with your eyes and your voice. Love divine that other one is for you. Shiva loves his Shakti, and enters deep into the embrace of cosmic feminity. Shakti loves her Shiva, and embraces cosmic masculinity.

Look into the eyes, and see divine in each other. Caress each other bodies, and worship the beauty of them. We are all sacred and beaytiful. Body is our holy temple. See and experience this sacredness, this beauty in you and other one. Worship divine in your partner with your loving touch.

Awaken the fire within you. Awaken the passion and desire. River of life will flow between you. That energy will warm you, and make your bodies hotter. Enjoy that fire of life. And when you are ready, join together. Shiva enters inside of Shakti. Ask always permission for this, for you will enter into the most sacred place. Shiva will enter into the holy temple. When you join together, divine in you will join into the sacred embrace.


Ritual of union

Create union of souls

Sit in each others laps. Shakti will sit in the embrace of Shiva. Look each other deeply into the eyes. Breathe on the same rhythm. Begin to move together in same rhythm. Hold each others hands, lie back a bit, and begin to swing gently and lovingly, together.

Relax in the embrace of each other, moving slowly and gently. Keep inner fire burning with touching and loving. Let your bodies move on the same rhythm. Feel connection between you. Relax together in this loving embrace. Forget the end, forget the rest of world. There is only this embrace, this loving motion, this love. It is divine encounter of Shakti and Shiva. In this embrace you can spend all the time you want.


Dance of Divine

Dance together eternal dance of Shakti and Shiva

When you dance together, flow of your energy will grow and expand. You will be filled with the sacred river of life. That energy will seek way out, it wants to flow freely. You can feel it as tension in your bodies. Fire will burn in you in the brightest flame. At that moment is time for the universal dance of Shiva and Shakti.

Make love consciously, being present. Other partner is manifestation of Shiva, and will enter deep into the being of other one. Be active energy that flows into the other. Give all your energy to your partner; let it flow freely into other one. Touch consciously, touch divine Shakti, and immerse yourself into the embrace of feminity. Give everything to that embrace, give it your whole being. Dive deeper into the embrace of love.

And Shakti will receive Shiva. Embrace other one as whole being. Take other one into yourself, into your heart, straight into your essence. Be loved by divine, and embrace divine within yourself, take it all into your being. Your partner will be immersed into you, and will dive deep into the depths of your being. Be divine Shakti, all feminity, and embrace Shiva, all masculinity, with your whole being.

When your energies will rise to the top, and you feel need of release, then shift directions. Now other one will be the Giver, Shiva, masculine energy that will flow and enter into the being of other. And now other one will be Shakti, all embracing divinity, all feminine energy. Energy transforms and assumes new form. Energy changes its direction between you. Opposite forces will shift their positions. Go on like this, and when energy will again rise to the top, shift again directions.

This is how Shakti and Shiva dance together. They flow into the other, and become to other one. Nature of energy changes. It will begin to circle between you. It will grow in strength. Energy of life will create connection between you, and it will build a bridge between your hearts. It will connect two bodies into shared flow of energy. And it will melt them together.

At that moment you can feel oneness. Energy, power of life, flows now freely between you. You will share same living energy, same flow of energy. And when that embrace transforms your energies, follow along it. Let it flow through you as wild force. Let it make you shake and tremble you. Shout out your passion in this ecstasy. Let your body move freely, and surrender to this eternal flow.

Stay on that moment forever. Dance together this dance of love and life. Bathe on that sacred energy, enjoy the flow of oneness. Let your bodies dance together. Let the power flow through you, and lift you up into the new heights. In this kind of embrace, gates of paradise will open to you. You will feel true union between you. You will become one with all that is. This is cosmic union, Mystical Union.

This is sacred sex, meditation of love.
In the end, rest at each others embrace. Caress gently, and enjoy afterglow and harmony. Feel glow of love and connection between you. In this embrace of love you can feel peace and safety.



Final words

These rituals can be developed and changed to fit your own needs. You can do them even for whole day. You can also create your own rituals. Ritual that happens every time will help you find the experience of tantra every time you do them.